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The Phantom of Cal Poly!!!!

I am an incoming Freshman at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Yesterday, I was in town and we went to the best CD place in the area called "Boo Boo Records, and my pals notice something on the door and point it out to me as a joke. I turn to look at the Phantom poster, and I see that it is advertising some sort of concert. It turns out it is an ad for Franc D'Ambrosio and he is coming to the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center! I am so freaking excited, and I am going to go buy my tickets (which are 20.25 for me! Yes!) right after my first classes on Monday!

All fans near or in San Luis Obispo California should get on this right away! Sunday. October 9th at 3:00 PM!!!! You better believe that I'll be there!!!!!!!! ^_^

Here is a linky for more info:

*looks out her door at the Performing Arts Center and squeals with delight*
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