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Phanfiction help

Okay this story has been changing over the span of my writing, but I've only been able to get pieces of the story. I'm not even sure if people will even enjoy it and it is Erik/Oc with a lot of Erik/Christine as well. Here is the basic premis so far-

Camille Bonnet has discovered that her family secret has something to do with an 18th century Phantom who has been 'locked away' for centuries. Suddenly she wakes him up and Erik is faced with a world that is very diffrent from the one he left behind. People's attitudes have changed (at least some of it) and Erik is no longer running for the shadows. But while he is trying to adjust, Erik and Camille discover that there was a reason they both found each other and why Erik has been able to live for so long. An ancient war between three gypsy tribes has caused an ancient evil to be released and the only way of saving the world is bringing togther the Spider, the Scarab, and the Scorpion. Erik's possibly final adventure is filled with drama, danger, and the possible love triangle between his past and his present.

Okay that is it so far and what I'm really looking for is some help on coming up with a title (with credit of course) as titles often help me write things. You can also talk about the story idea so far, right now I am working on parts and how they fit togther but as I said I'm not even sure people are going to accept it. Thanks for your time.
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