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Phantom Phandom

You have come here, in pursuit of your deepest urge...

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"How I wished that you would come...and now my wish comes true. You have truly made my night!"

Welcome to Phantom Phandom, a Phantom of the Opera fan community. Everything here is Phantom, so feel free to post anything you like (Phantom-related, of course), icons, pictures, quotes, downloads, discussions...anything. :D

The moderators can be found here:

Here at Phantom Phandom we do have a few guidlines...
1) Keep it clean - innapropriate comments WILL be deleted, no exceptions!
2) If you have criticism, keep it constructive - again, anything too insulting will not be tolerated.
3) dO yUo injoy ReadING THIS? We don't! Please-please post legibly...or else your message will also be deleted!

Thank you for respecting the guidelines. Hope you enjoy the community!

With Love,
The Opera Ghost

(No, actually, we're just the moderators. ;D And in quite a better state of mind than M. Richard and Moncharmin, thank you!)